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  • Check Your Trade-in Value. Contact Us. The blind spots are minimal and the vehicle is properly maintained oil check, brake pads, fluids, air filters changed, etc. With proper upkeep, the vehicle still runs like new with over , miles. The seats are comfortable and absorb any body type. The acceleration is sensitive and the car stops on a dime. I feel safe driving this vehicle and as it is my first car I would not trade it for anything in the world. The trunk space is copious as well. Approaching , miles however, the transmission started to go and the c The Dodge Intrepid provides the owner with a smooth ride as it hugs the curves of the road.

    Approaching , miles however, the transmission started to go and the car was rather jerky as it struggled to change between gears.

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    Also, the rusting began to become evident as it is nearly 20 years old. I opened the door on the street and a passing driver ripped it off. My favorite feature of the vehicle would be the sound system. The volume could go exceptionally loud and the bass goes super deep. As the car was a hand me down from my elder brother, I was pleased with how quiet the exhaust was, even despite the amount of built up oxidation in the piece of machinery.

    The windshield wiper blades did their job practically silently and with ease. The wheels were hubcaps which were in my opinion better than rims, just in case someone hit a curb or something.

    MVS - 2003 Dodge Intrepid SXT

    I enjoyed the fact I enjoyed the fact that there were four doors and I could transport my friends around comfortably. The car was a V-6 with a large amount of horsepower which made going up and down hills rather simple.

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    The Dodge Intrepid is a stellar vehicle which offers a wonderful means of transportation from point A to point B. If one is looking for a sleek ride, this is it! The top negatives of the Dodge Intrepid include the fact that the transmission starts to diminish rapidly once one hits about ,, miles.

    Also, when one gets in the upper scale of mileage the exhaust starts to fade in regards to quality and becomes incredibly loud. There was no middle storage console which folds down in order to place things in. Another negative of this car is that the side view mirrors are sometimes difficult to see out of. Some more negatives of the car are the fact that the taillights are improperly designed and sometimes they are hard to see. The car ha The car has a rather low roof and sometimes it is a bit difficult to get in and out of. Alongside this negative point, the car is seated and rides rather low to the ground, so sometimes while driving it feels like one's bottom is scraping the road.

    The steering also gets quite shaky when pushes the speedometer up to over MPH and the steering gets tough. Enter your location in the filters at the top of this page to view a pricing analysis. Select a specific vehicle in filters to view a pricing analysis. September Nationwide Dodge Intrepid Prices. View Detailed Methodology.