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But with billion emails being sent daily, how do you know every email that lands in your inbox is from a legitimate person or business? A reverse email lookup can potentially help you understand who may be contacting you and for what purpose. Source: Statista. Ever Googled an email address to find the owner of the account, and came up empty-handed?

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Search engines can only identify someone by email if the address appeared on a public platform, such as Facebook or Twitter. Even then, search engines often fail to identify the true account holder. Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations?

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During a phishing attack , one of the most common email scams, the scammer pretends to represent a legitimate business to get you to open an email and unwittingly download malware that steals your personal data. A BeenVerified reverse email search may help you identify phony email addresses and potential email scams. Simply type an email address into the search bar and tap enter. For example, if you get an email from an unknown sender in the city where your parents live, it could be a neighbor trying to get in touch.

BeenVerified screens dozens of social media sites to find profile matches which may reveal photos, education and employment information, associates, neighbors and relatives. We search for contact information, including aliases, phone numbers and alternate email addresses. Finally, a BeenVerified report may also contain court records for possible criminal and civil cases if they're available. If there's an email match, your search will pull all the available information about an email account holder into one report within moments.

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BeenVerified looks at publicly available data sources to find information about the owner of an email address. Your report may potentially include information, such as:.

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Threatening or harassing emails are a matter for law enforcement. Another expert tip is to use various sites and databases to access different sets of data. Try to enter as much information as possible in the search form. Try searching for that first initial and the last name. Also, try leaving the first name blank.

Reverse Email Lookup

In addition, try using their nickname, if they have one. If the name is hyphenated, try searching with and without the hyphen. Consider looking for family members, relatives, friends and known associates. Sometimes, you might be able to locate someone by getting in touch with someone who knows them.

There are billions of email addresses in the world that generate trillions of emails each year. Private investigators need to know how to look up email addresses, how to run a reverse search and match an email address to a name, when possible. In addition, private investigators need to know how to decipher the key components of an email message, especially the headers and how to trace the path of an email.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. However, there are exceptions to this. You'll have to look at the information logically to deduce the originating IP. Yes and No. For example, someone who sends a message to your hotmail account shows in the X-Originating IP section of the headers. We've got more information in our Trace An Email questions and answers area. Remember Me.